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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 11:47:22 -0700 (PDT) From: rimpigfl Subject: RAUNCH PARKDISCLAIMER: Just a quickie for all you raunch pigs out there (like me!). No! It's not true! Wish it was! Anyway, take a little trip with me to...RAUNCH PARK By RimPig 2003He stood over me, his body wreaking of sweat and musk. I was laying naked on the floor of the dirty men's room, the urinals behind me and the stink of piss surrounding me. I looked up the massive six feet three inches of him: from his huge, hairy feet; up his hairy muscular legs to his long, uncut cock surmounting his huge fur covered balls. His pubic hair was copper colored as was the rest of the hair on his body including the thick pelt of hair on his chest which spread down his abs and joined his pubic hair in the wings teen model widest 'Treasure Trail' I'd ever seen. His green eyes twinkled as they looked down at me above the smirk on his lips.My eyes were drawn back to his cock, however. 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He turned around and grinned down at me."Your turn." he said.I couldn't believe my ears! My turn?! At what?!"Come on! Stand up." he said impatiently.I did as he said. Now he brought the jockstrap that he'd had in his hand up to my teen toronto models face and pushed it into my nose! Oh, fuck! It was raunchy! I'd bet he'd never washed the thing and had worn it every day for months! He pulled it back and then stuck his own nose in it, breathing deeply, his eyes twinkling at me while he did so."Better than fuckin' poppers!" he said as he tossed it away on top of his clothes. "Okay, turn around and bend over."Oh, fuck! My turn to have my ass eaten! I quickly scrambled to my feet and bent over christina model swimming as he had done. I heard him get down on his knees behind me. His hand pulled my ass cheeks open and then I felt his nose running up and down my ass-crack. He, too, was maxwells 100 model moaning at the scent he found there. 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I asked."How about 10 minutes from now at my place?" he grinned."We'll take your truck. I walked here." I said.The End of RAUNCH PARKIf you teen models tgp liked this one, please write evie model forum me at rimpigflyahoo.comI have over 30 stories on NIFTY, if you'd like a complete listing of them, write me and I will send it.I have also started a "Notify List" to let my readers know when I post anything new. If you want to be on it, please write and tell me.And, 1950s nude models as always, I ask you to make a sexy car modell donation to NIFTY to keep the site running and FREE! It's especially easy through Pay-PalThank you.RimPig
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